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We're back in action! After a long hiatus, we have loads of help for you again... (look for the "Trick of the Week" link above or below)

Don't tell your friends about this site!

Although it has the best badminton secrets, you will want to you keep the edge for yourself...

Of course you can and should practise, and you should exercise to stay in shape. You know this already. But what if you're just a few points per game away from beating that player who keeps getting the better of you?

Is there anything you can learn here to give you the boost you need to get past this player?

We're happy to tell you "YES!"

This is not a flashy website. But we're really just completely devoted to providing practical information that will give you a quick gain, sometimes INSTANTLY.

Please note that we are also working with the blog at to provide a continuous stream of great tips. That is the better site for you birders with mobile devices, by the way. Please check out the blog for additional badminton secrets!

At either place, we're looking for your comments and suggestions! Badminton is a social sport that everyone can participate in, and so is

Stay tuned to this website for other fantastic badminton tricks and techniques.

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About Us

You may ask, why is this site "Badminton Tricks" rather than "Badminton Strategy" or "Badminton Techniques"? That's because it's devoted to providing something for every badminton player. This includes very serious players, but also players that don't have time to practise much or at all. The "tricks" on this site are usually those where you will say,"Yeah, I can do that!" There will only be a few tips that you actually have to practise. (We know that everyone is short on spare time) Also, the "tricks" are like magician tricks in that people will wonder "How did you do that?", where the trick is in the knowledge of the technique. However, the tricks are not "trick shots". We've found those to be entertaining but of limited use in actual play. There are lots of those for you to watch on Youtube if you like. We're sure you'd rather have more fun winning more matches in real life. will show you things you will help you throughout a match.

The people behind are average badminton players who do better on the court than they should because they use their knowledge AND skills.

All content of this website is copyrighted.